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Graphical paper & board – what do you want your paper to say?

The right paper sends the right message. It’s that important. With Papyrus, you can rely on a partner with a thorough understanding of printing and publishing. We know that the choice of paper is a vital part of any printed communication. So why compromise? Why take the risk? To support the project at hand, Papyrus offers a comprehensive range of paper, covering all needs and requirements. Simply put, we have the best paper for the job.

Papyrus-branded paper products are among the best in their categories. They are carefully chosen for their exceptional and stable properties, and are continuously tested and evaluated. These quality products are available in a wide range of surface finishes, shades, textures, substances and sheet sizes. Our own Pan-European paper brands are priority brands. This means that our customers can expect higher availability and higher service levels.

A range of own high-quality brands

Papyrus offers its own paper brands, which are among the best products in their categories. Major Papyrus graphical paper brands include Multi ™, Luxo®, TripleStar®, Plano®, DigiGold®, Balance®, Specials®, Rainbow®, Focus® and Opti®.

Discover the Papyrus assortment of graphical paper & board in the Papyrus e-Shop .