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Papyrus Development Program (PDP) 2019

In 2019 Papyrus continues the internally driven people development initiative - The Papyrus Development Program (PDP). The ambition of PDP remains unchanged. By developing, engaging and further energizing the high performing experts we have within Papyrus, we want to create a positive impact on organizational performance.

“Papyrus is continuously evaluating the need for developing future leaders internally, as well as sourcing new talents from the outside world. Therefore, the PDP is an important and beneficial initiative for our company going forward” Monika Somogyi, Head of Human Resources Papyrus Group and overall responsible for the PDP program.

In the tradition of Papyrus’ strong culture of current leaders developing future leaders in a hands-on way and staying close to the reality of the business, our senior leaders act as facilitators in the program. The PDP participants 2019 come from different Papyrus markets (Switzerland, Czech Republic, Denmark, Sweden, Poland, Belgium, Netherlands, Romania and Hungary) and represent functions such as Sales, Logistics, Finance and Project Management.

PDP participants 2018

PDP participants 2018