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COVID-19: Measures taken by Papyrus to protect its employees, customers and partners

We are all witnessing the development and the increased risk related to COVID-19 in Europe. As Papyrus, we understand the importance and would hereby like to inform you about the measures we have taken to protect employees, customers and other partners and to safeguard the business operations.

The following is an overview of the current situation and actions taken and ongoing:

  • The overall trend, together with the country level developments are monitored by dedicated teams set at Group, Region and local levels, enabling us to take fast, efficient and proactive preventive measures.
  • Already since early February, we have implemented a gradual action plan with specific measures to secure people safety and business continuity.
  • We have defined and constantly updated contingency plans to secure proper people safety and business continuity with all our valued partners.
  • We are strictly following the recommendations and guidelines provided by health authorities. 
  • All operations are running fluently within Europe, inbound supply chains providing proper replenishment levels and outbound logistics running normally. 
  • We have secured high inventory availability and focus to keep it during this period. 
  • Our sales and functional teams are equipped to secure business continuity on a remote work model. 
  • Our internal as well as subcontracted logistic operations are working strictly following the protective measures 
  • Travelling cross border has been restricted to only business critical situations

Niklas Jarbur, Managing Director Papyrus; "As Papyrus we constantly watch the developments closely and will take further measures whenever necessary. We trust that current measures and actions ongoing are sufficient at the moment, in the same time being alert and agile to adapt fast. Taking care of your and our health is specially now our top priority, and we act accordingly. We are strongly committed to continue to professionally serve you and all our customers".

For further information, please contact:

Niklas Järbur, Managing Director Papyrus, / tel.: +46 1051 72981