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At Papyrus employee engagement is an important focus area for leaders. Leaders are supportive to their employees and facilitate in personal development. Besides this, they strive to motivate their teams with tools. The right conditions are being set by leaders for all employees to strive for the best results.

‘My Voice’ and employee engagement

To be sure that we are on the right track as a company, we regularly ask our employees for their opinion on subjects which have an impact on employee engagement, via a bi-annual Papyrus-wide employee survey, called "MyVoice".

Employees use the survey to share their opinion about what Papyrus as a company is doing well and what can be improved. Each feedback is important and will impact the direction of the Papyrus organisation. "MyVoice" gives employees an opportunity to engage themselves in shaping the future of Papyrus.

Regular feedback

In order to secure the ongoing dialogue with our colleagues, we also use an online tool to get regular feedback from the local teams. "&Frankly" is a tool which enables our local leaders to reach out to their teams and seek just-in-time feedback on issues which are relevant for them at a certain point in time.