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Focused partnerships with charitable organisations

As a company, Papyrus strives to be a responsible member of the communities in which we operate through focused partnerships. We are actively supporting various charities by donating financial aid or products. A number of good initiatives between Papyrus and local charities have taken place so far, listed below are a few examples:

Katharinenhöhe, Papyrus Germany
The Katharinenhöhe rehabilitation clinic in the Black Forest, Germany specialises in easing the physical and mental burdens of young patients and their families on their path to recovery from often painstaking treatments for severe chronic illnesses. Through a diverse therapeutic offering, specialists at Katharinenhöhe succeed in offering new prospects to the affected children and teenagers despite the difficult situation. Papyrus in Germany has been supporting the clinic through donations since 1994.

Algojimas, Papyrus Lithuania
The mission of the foundation is to influence public opinion about disability while striving towards successful integration of disabled children and their families within society. Papyrus Lithuania gives paper for practical sessions for children and their parents in psychosocial rehabilitation camp.

Mothers’ Union, Papyrus Lithuania
The charity foundation Mamų Unija (Mothers’ Union) in Lithuania is a non-profit organization that has been operating since 2008. Over five years they have launched various nation-wide charity projects aimed at supporting children suffering from cancer. Papyrus Lithuania donates paper to publish the book “The house of fairy-tales“. All money collected from the sales of this book goes to the development of a house being built for the families of children with cancer.

Children's Traffic Calendar, Papyrus Sweden
The Children's Traffic Calendar association produces educational material in traffic knowledge to schools across Sweden. Papyrus Sweden is sponsoring the production of the calendar to the schools in the Mölndal region.

Wendepunkt Foundation, Papyrus Switzerland
The foundation supports young people after a heavy stroke of fate and unemployment to enter a new career. Papyrus Switzerland offers special training places in logistics where young people coming from the Wendepunkt foundation have the chance to start a new profession. In addition, donations are made in terms of money and paper.

Bärenmoos Foundation, Papyrus Switzerland
The foundation supports young people as a special-care home in situation of multiple sclerosis and brain traumas. Papyrus Switzerland donates money and paper to the foundation.

Teach for Romania, Papyrus Romania
Teach for Romania is a non- profit association involved in developing role model teachers. Papyrus Romania is sponsoring the organisation with copy paper.

Social engagement at Papyrus Germany

The Papyrus social engagement strategy is based on our values. Every organisation, event or activity we sponsor should share two or more of our values. We are not a passive sponsor. We take responsibility for our partners and choose those with whom we can work long-term. We also like to actively participate in their development.