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The basis of our operations

The core values ​​form the foundation on which Papyrus employees perform their everyday work. It's the basis of our operations, the manner in which our employees interact with customers and each other. In an ever-changing world, the core values ​​of Papyrus are constant.

Proving reliability by delivering on promises. Customers should trust us and feel confident every time they do business with us.

Having respect for individuals, promoting cooperation and giving credit for achievements. This friendly approach is built on a positive attitude, an open mind, a smile and a can-do attitude.

A commitment to continuous improvements, generating financial results, being cost-conscious and following through on plans and decisions. Demonstrating a mind for business and the ability to go from one-offs to repeat business.

An eagerness to listen and respond quickly, based on a commitment to serve customers in the best way possible. Identifying needs and recommending solutions.

Continuously innovating the offering to lead developments in the industry and encourage customers and colleagues to try new solutions and technologies.

The core values of Papyrus

Papyrus wants to be an attractive employer that offers a nurturing environment in which employees enjoy working together to create success in business. Development is a top priority at an individual and organizational level and improves the company's ability to recruit, foster and retain the required competence. This has a positive influence on Papyrus ability to create long-term value for its customers and strengthens its position as a profitable market leader.